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Photo Contest Results
(Posted 12/9/19)

Our best photo contest yet! Close to 60 Entries sets a record. The theme was simply, "AUTUMN" which left a wide open field of interpretation. Our members responded with a wide range of submissions. See and make comments at our Facebook page.

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Minutes of November 19 Board Meeting
(Posted 11/26/19)

News about weed treatment, beach maintenance, community events, and more.

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Permit Issued! Spencer Waste Water Treatment Plant
(Posted 6/20/19)

After 25 years of frustration, US EPA / MA DEP have finally heard, listened to and taken action regarding treatment plant issues raised by QQLA. A new permit was issued for the Spencer Plant. This is a victory for clean water!

Unfortunately, our work is not done. There are no penalties or financial burdens put in place to insure that the Town of Spencer or the SWWTP deadlines and condit ...

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June 2019 Newsletter
(Posted 6/19/19)

The bird watching edition: includes a lit of species seen around our two lakes.

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Alum Treatment Approved
(Posted 5/11/19)

The first main hurdle has been passed to get the needed alum treatment for the
phosphorus contamination in South Pond. At the town meeting on June 3, the Town of Sturbridge gave a resounding approval to assume the "Host Town Status" for the grant application for a South Pond alum treatment. In addition, they pledged to provide $55,000 towards the program's 'cost sharing.'

The QQLA has also received stated support from the towns of Brookfield and East Brookfield, and we will proceed to file warrants for their cost sharing. We have about 10 months to raise the rest of the money ($55K down, $81.8K to go) to qualify to receive the grant funds which will make the project a reality.

We are grateful to all association members and the QQLA Board of Directors, whose tireless support culminated in this present accomplishment.

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A Discussion of Lake Levels
(Posted 5/25/17)

Lake Quaboag (North Pond) is a natural body of water, with no dam or other level control device. Approximately 75-80 sq mi of watershed contribute runoff to the lake, but rain takes many hours to trickle down. Quaboag crests about 48 – 54 hours after a strong rain event. We’ve noticed that the lake rises about 6” for each 1” of rainfall – prior ground saturation can increase this ratio.

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Welcome to QQLA

QQLA is a volunteer, non-profit organization of nearly 200 member families dedicated to preserving and protecting the quality of our two lakes (Quaboag and Quacumquasit are better known as North and South Ponds, and are located in Brookfield, East Brookfield and Sturbridge Massachusetts) and the surrounding watershed through the promotion of responsible, effective environmental policies.

QQLA Focus

Maintain healthy lake environment and water quality though regular water testing.

* Monitor for invasive vegetation species, algae, and phosphorus and other pollutants.
* Use best practices to manage water quality issues.
* Educate the lake community on best environmental practices.
* Communicate and coordinate our activities with the three towns, Brookfield, East Brookfield and Sturbridge and the Mass DEP.
* Foster and encourage a sense of community for QQLA members.
* Monitor water flow direction.
* Participate with East Brookfield in the operation of the flow barrier to prevent high water backflow into South Pond.

We invite you to tour this website and learn more about QQLA activities and encourage your involvement in QQLA.

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