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Posted 5/22/15
Chris Jordan let us know that Philip Jordan of Copiague, NY passed away on December 10, 2014 after a long illness. Mr. Jordan, who was born on March 6, 1936, came to Lane 8 on South Pond in 1985 with his family. He loved to fish and boat and most of all enjoyed teaching his grandchildren to water ski. Philip Jordan is survived by his wife Ginger, son Chris and 9 grandchildren. Philip Jordan was memorialized in December with a mass and a U.S.M.C. color guard.

Longtime Lane 8 resident Tom Marshall of Grinnell, Iowa died on March 24, 2015. He was 81 years old. Son David Marshall posted that his dad always enjoyed his time at the lake appreciating the good friends and natural beauty that South Pond offered to him.

News About Water Quality

QQLA's Intent to Sue is Front Page News in Spencer
(Posted 2/7/17)

"QQLA voices concern over groundwater" is the front-page headline in the January 27 Spencer New Leader. Read the article here.

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QQLA to Sue Spencer Over Waste Treatment Plant
(Posted 10/4/16)

At a Spencer town meeting on Monday 10/3, Skip Nielsen of the QQLA was interviewed by a Telegram and Gazette reporter regarding the letter of intent to sue the SWWTP (Spencer Wastewater Treatment Plant) to force them to comply with regulations.

Lakes Management Plan
(Posted 5/22/15)

The QQLA Board of Directors has received the ESS proposal for 2015 lake management. At our April meeting we approved the plan and will have lake mapping performed early this spring followed by weed treatments as may be necessary.


QQLA monitors the water quality but the management of algae blooms is currently the responsibility of the State. QQLA notifies the town officials on the boards of health for toxic blue-green algae testing. Poor quality water alerts are posted by the towns and no treatment is recommended.

Overflow discharges from the Spencer Waste Water Treatment Plant affect algae and invasive plant growth in both lakes but especially in North Pond. QQLA continues to follow a course of action related to monitoring nutrient levels, political information, media coverage and legal action.

The management of invasive vegetation (from high nutrient loads) is ongoing. Consultants ESS and ACT have mapped weed growth and spot treated both lakes this summer. Reports from lake shore residents, especially in North Pond have been very positive. Local residents have been able to swim and boat from their beaches and docks this year.

Birdwatching on North and South Ponds
(Posted 8/13/15)

Lakes Quaboag and Quacumquasit, known to the locals as North and South Pond, contain some of the best bird watching spots throughout the seasons.

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Lake Clean-Up Day
(Posted 5/9/16)

Lake Clean-Up Day was a great time had by all, bending and stretching!

Pictured here are President, Don Taft, Vice President Bill Seabourne, and Flow Barrier Guru Skip Nielsen with the bags of trash removed from the streets. roads, and woods surrounding the two lakes. More than 30 people contributed their efforts to see that the view of nature is without paper, plastic, glass, Styrofoam, tires, and cushions.

Thanks to the Town of East Brookfield for taking the trash and Carol Derby who organized the effort.

Thanks to those who took care of " their area' ahead of time and those who plan to keep the effort going through the spring and summer.

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