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Contest Rules
• NO cost to enter.
• 4 prizes will be awarded: First and second plac
e in each of TWO categories:
1) Garden Flowers.
2) Wild Flowers.
Winners can choose among a CAP, TEE SHIRT or BOX of note cards with photos
composed from prior contests.
• Please send in up to 6 photos per photographer distributed over the two categories how ever you wish.
• Photos should be of moderately large size for best review by the judges:
at least 1000 pixels on the 'short' side ... and no more than 3000 pixels on the 'long' side.
Photos out of this range will be re-sized before the judges see them.
• Add a simple TITLE to each photo if you like - submissions with no title will have one applied before judging
to make it easier for judges to sort the entries.
• JUDGING: we don't know how the judges will interpret the photos: We just collect the photos and hand them
to the judges --> it's up to them to decide how to proceed. They usually don't follow instructions anyway! ��
This contest we are going to try out a different judging method:
a) Judges will be given the photos as usual with a random order to avoid having any photos gaining an advantage
other than a random one.
b) Judging will reduce the entries to about 6 or 7 in each category, but will NOT determine the winners.
c) These 'best' photos will be presented at the QQLA ANNUAL MEETING ▬ AUG 15, 2021 ▬ for all members to view.
d) Every person present will be able to cast a ranked vote for their favorite picture(s).
Voting will be by paper ballot during the Annual Meeting. You have to be present to vote.
e) Tabulation of the votes cast will take a bit of time, and be announced a day or two after the meeting.
Originally considered just for the spring, but we've EXPANDED the contest to include summer flowers AND make it
possible to do the final judging at the Annual Meeting.
• Remember: photos *need not* be from this year's spring season – photos of ANY year’s flowers will qualif•
Submissions are welcome from Non-QQLA members.
• The usual restriction, 'photos should be taken within 100' or so of one of our two lakes' is EXPANDED for this contest.
If your favorite hiking trail is a mile away - we won't complain - just please NOTE the location in the submission.
• Please limit yourself to submitting no more than 6 photos.
• Submit digital photos to == RanWiz@gmail.com ==
• NOTE • Photos become the property of QQLA.org. We promise not to use them for any purpose
without your permission. They will not be shared with any person or organization.

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